Workload Reports

The workload reports sum the total hours of work that are assigned to each responsible party and each category for every task for the specified time period (day, week or month). To access the workload reports, select All Workspaces from the select workspace dropdown menu in the top left and click the Reports icon at the top. The workload reports are accessed on the left under the WORKLOAD section.
By responsible party: This report shows the total hours of work assigned to each responsible party in the specified time period (day, week, month). If a responsible party is allocated more than 8, 40 or 170 hours of work in a day, week or month respectively, the allocated hours for that time period will be shaded red to warn you that this individual may be over-allocated for that time period.
As a convenient way of reassigning one or more incomplete tasks for a user, clicking on future hours provides a pop up box with the ability to select and transfer a task to another user.
View the workload for a specific group of individuals by clicking the Group drop-down menu at the top of the report. (User Groups are created under settings for All Workspaces.)
By category: this report shows the categories to which work has been allocated and the specific responsible party allocated the work within that category. This report can help you balance the load among responsible parties within a work group or category.
Click on the underlined name of any responsible party in either the By responsible party or By category reports to see a detailed report of the hours by task that are assigned to that responsible party for each time period. This can help identify which tasks might need to be reallocated to another party.

A helpful suggest to best utilize this reporting is to open a workload report in one browser window and the main task list view of Projects in a separate browser window (not a tab in the same window). Then, after you make changes to a task, refresh the workload report (click on the report name on the left menu for the By responsibility or By category reports, and refresh the page in the browser). Projects will recalculate the impact of the changes made to tasks on the total allocations.

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