Project And Task Comments

Each project and each task has a comments area on the details page for the item where user and system comments are recorded. The comment list is accessed by clicking the project or task name from the List or Gantt view. A task or project with an existing comments thread will have a small speech bubble to the right of the project/task name (the bubble will be colored red if there are unread comments, and gray if read previously).
To add a new comment, click the Add Comment button, then type the comment into the Add New Comment box and click Continue. If you wish to notify another user of the new comment, select the Manually notify/subscribe additional users checkbox. If you selected, on the next page you can select the individuals or groups to receive the notification and then click Continue.
Automatic comments are made by the system for changes to certain project and task fields, to create an audit trail of changes made to the project. Changes made to the following fields will automatically create a comment in the comment list for a task:
  • Responsible
  • Duration
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Status
  • % Complete
  • Notes
Changes made to the following fields will automatically create a comment in the comment list for a project:
  • Target end date
  • Responsible
  • Notes
The automatic comment will indicate who made the change, what fields were changed, the previous/current values of the changed fields, and the date and time the change was made.
By default, comment lists show system comments. To hide the system comments, leaving just the user-created comments, select the Hide System Activities checkbox (located at the top of the Comments list).

Delete Project And Task Comments

Administrators can delete project and task comments. This may be necessary if a user posts an unwanted comment.
To delete a project or task comment, click the to the right of the comment. Click OK to confirm that you want to permanently delete the comment.
Note: the overall system log (accessed under the “Reports” link) will maintain a permanent record of the original comment and a note that the comment has been deleted, to maintain the audit trail of activity.
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