Mention a User

Sometimes you’ll need to call the attention of another user when communicating (commenting, messaging, etc.) in Workzone. When you include an @mention, the user you mention will be notified of that mentioning in particular, rather than subscribed to the entire conversation.

To mention a user, choose from a list of users by typing the @ symbol in the message/comment field to view the names of everyone available to mention. The list will narrow down when you start typing the letters of a user’s name.

Note: Users who do not have access to the same item or area you’re typing in will not appear (different workspaces, for example).

To select a particular name from the list, use the tab key or the up and down arrow keys to highlight the name in the list (the mouse cannot be used to select a name), then press the enter/return key. When the user's name appears in full in the comment box, this is confirmation that they will receive the notification upon saving.

In the event that mistyping causes the need to delete characters, you must delete the entire name and @ symbol and re-type to successfully mention the user.

You can dismiss the list by pressing the escape key.

Once the communication has been posted, Workzone will notify the user(s) you mentioned. If the user replies to the thread, they’ll become subscribed  and will automatically receive notifications in that conversation going forward.

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