Custom Project Request Forms

NOTE: Custom Project Request Forms is an add-on to Workzone. For details on adding this feature to your site please email or call 610-275-9861.

To gain a fuller understanding of the needs for a particular project, you can establish customized forms with specific questions and information.
Forms created under the settings (gear icon) in All Workspaces will show up in all workspaces (replacing the default generic form), or they can be designated for a particular workspace only. If one or more custom forms are created for a specific workspace (under settings), these will replace the global forms for that workspace.
Custom request forms can be established by an Administrator in the Custom forms section of the REQUESTS section of settings. Click the Create Form button to create a new custom project request form. Enter a name for the form (this will be shown in the Project Type drop-down menu the user will see when entering a new request). If your organization has Public Request Forms enabled, choose the appropriate Access Type. Click the Create button.
When you first create a form, it is inactive and not viewable to users when they request a new project. When you are ready for the new form to be active for your users, click enable in the STATUS column for that form on the Custom Forms page. Click disable to deactivate (hide) a form that is currently active.
Click the name of the form to view an existing form. You will see the form as it appears to your users. Click the Edit Questions button to edit the form. When you edit an active form, it will automatically be made inactive (hidden from users), and you will need to enable it to make it visible to users.

WARNING: Any users currently filling out this form when you begin editing it will lose their work.

When you are finished editing your form, click Exit Edit Mode link at the top of the form.
Delete an existing form from the Custom Forms page by clicking the delete link for that form.

Form questions

Mandatory fields: Requested by, Request date, Project Type, Project title and Request Date are always the first questions in each form (and are required fields). The file upload checkbox is always the last item of each form. These required sections are shown with a gray background when you are creating/editing a form, but will have the same blue-gray background as your custom questions in the actual form that users see.

The “When do you need this?” field is required by default, but the settings for that field can be adjusted in the “REQUESTED DEADLINE” area of the  Other settings page. There, you can rename that question and choose whether or not it should be required. Changes here will affect all of your request forms.

Click the Add Question button to add a new custom question to the form. On the Add Question box, enter the exact text for the question as it will appear to the user. Click the Add explanatory text (optional) line for an additional entry box with an editor toolbar (which will display text formatting, linking, etc.) directly below the question and above the response area for the requester. This is an optional, advanced feature. If you would like assistance, please call us at 610-275-9861.
From the Answer Type dropdown menu, select from the following:
  • text (single line)
  • textarea (multiple lines)
  • date: (date picker)
  • checkbox (single or multiple values)
  • radio button (single value only)
  • dropdown: (single value only)
  • section break (explanatory text, no values)
Answers: If the selected Answer Type is checkbox, radio button or dropdown, provide the values to display (using the double arrows to drag and reorder if necessary).
Required Field: If the requester should have to enter a value for this field before the request is submitted (the default is “No”)

Editing existing questions/values

Click the Edit Questions button at the top of the page to enter editing mode. When you are finished, click the Exit Edit Mode link at the top of the page.
Deleting a question: Click the “X” symbol in the top right of the question you would like to delete.

WARNING: When you delete a question, you permanently delete any existing data from previous requests for that question. This cannot be undone so make sure you want to do this!

Changing Question Text or Answer options: Click the pencil icon in the right of the question you would like to edit.
Reordering: Existing questions or answer values can be reordered via drag and drop. Click and hold the question and drag it up or down to the desired position (although the top three sections, Requester, Project Title, and When do you need this? must be first).

Lead Time

In the edit form page, you will see an entry box labeled Minimum lead time, working days which, when a number is entered, will only allow requested deadlines (the When do you need this? date) that includes at least enough days in between that date and the date of the request (today’s date).

NOTE: Once at least one custom question has been created, an optional “+ Add form instructions” link will appear, which is similar to the “Add explanatory text (optional)” option when creating questions mentioned above. This is an optional, advanced feature. If you would like assistance, please call us at 610-275-9861.

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