Change Associate Users Assigned to Workspaces

As an alternative to editing the workspaces to which a user has access, you can also select the users who have access to a specific workspace.
    • Select All Workspaces from the workspace drop-down list in the top left of the page.
    • Click the settings (gear icon) at the top right.
    • On the left menu, under WORKSPACES, click Add/edit workspaces.
    • Click the Edit link on the row of the specific workspace.
    • Select/de-select the checkboxes next to the Users who should have access to this workspace (adding a Reviewer in another workspace requires selecting that workspace from the dropdown list under ADD REVIEWERS first).
  • Click Save Changes.

NOTE: For security reasons, user information for Reviewers that have access to multiple workspaces can only be accessed by Administrators.

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