Rich Text Comments

NOTE: Most modern browsers support rich text comments, but this feature may not be available in certain browsers, such as Internet Explorer.

When selecting projects, tasks, documents, and requests, Workzone provides a rich text (WYSIWYG - "What You See Is What You Get") editor that can alter the appearance and formatting of comments to provide enhanced communication. There is a toolbar above the "Add a comment..." box with the following options (numbers are added for reference below):

Workzone will show the tool name and keyboard shortcut when hovering the cursor over the appropriate icon. The following table outlines format examples and keyboard shortcuts for using each tool option:

Tool Example Keyboard shortcut
1. Bold Here is an example of bold text Ctrl/Command + B
2. Italic
Here is an example of italic text Ctrl/Command + I
3. Underline Here is an example of underline text Ctrl/Command + U
4. Strikethrough Here is an example of strikethrough text Ctrl/Command + Shift + X
5. Ordered list
  1. Here is
  2. an example
  3. of an ordered list
Ctrl/Command + Shift + 7
6. Bulleted list
  • Here is
  • an example
  • of a bulleted list
Ctrl/Command + Shift + B
7. Block quote
Here is an example of block quote text
Ctrl/Command + Shift + 9
8. Code block
Here is an example of code block
Ctrl/Command + Option + Shift + X
9. Hide/show formatting
10. Mention someone @Firstname Lastname
Shift + 2 + "User Name"

NOTE: When using a keyboard shortcut, Mac computers use the Command (⌘) key, while Windows uses the Control (Ctrl) key.

When using the "Mention someone" tool, a selection dropdown will appear. For more details, check out Mention a user.

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