Resetting a User's Password

For security reasons, one user is not able to see another user’s password. An Administrator can send a password reset link to another user. Also, a Manager can send a password reset link to a Reviewer.

  • Click settings (gear icon) at the top right of the screen (Note that if you are in a single workspace, you will only see Reviewers with access to that workspace).
  • Under USERS on the left menu, click Add/edit users.
  • Click the checkbox to the left of one or more users.
  • Click the Reset Password and Email Access Info button at the top of the users list.

If a user forgets their password, they can start a password reset from the login page on their own. To reset a user's password from the login page, click Forgot your password? and a window will appear for entering the user's email address. After entering the email address used for Workzone, click the Reset Password button, and an email with a link to set up a new password will be sent to that email address.

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