Event Signage Templates

Thanks for your interest in our sample project templates! The event signage templates found below represent just a couple of the marketing-based templates we've created. You can explore the full collection of templates HERE. This article will give you sense of what to expect as you begin to explore further. If you have any questions on the below, or about the templates themselves, feel free to reach out to us at help@workzone.com or 610-275-9861.

The Basics

There are two versions of the event signage templates, one representing a shorter, less complex process, and the other representing a more in-depth process. The files are provided in Microsoft Project (.mpx) format. But fear not - you don’t need Microsoft Project to be able to utilize them. You simply download the sample file from this page and then upload the file from your computer to Workzone.

Click HERE to download the Event Signage - Short template.
Click HERE to download the Event Signage - Long template.

Task Categories (Optional)

If you don’t already have task categories that you prefer to use in your site, you may add the following categories to your site so that these new projects can take advantage of Workzone's additional labeling and filtering capabilities. Since these categories are built in to the template, you'll want to make sure you add them to your site prior to importing the templates (if you plan to use them). You can learn more about categories HERE

Click here for the list of Task Categories used in the templates

Project Management


  1. Once you've downloaded the templates and optionally added the task categories, click the blue “Add Project” button in your Projects module. 
  2. On the “Add Project” window, Set the appropriate Project-Level details (name, etc).
  3. Select the “Import tasks from Excel or MS Project”.
  4. Specify “Import from MS Project” and browse your file system for the “Event Signage - Short.mpx” or “Event Signage - Long.mpx”file.
  5. Click "Save and Add Tasks" at the bottom and Workzone will create your project.

Below are images of how these projects would look when set up within your site:

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