Custom Reports

The Custom Reports module can include both standard and custom fields and can be filtered for specific values or ranges to provide customized project reporting. Reports can be filtered on a one-time basis or saved to provide ongoing customized, filtered views, either on an organization-wide or workspace-specific basis.

The Default report, accessed under the top Reports icon in the CUSTOM PROJECT REPORTS section on the left, initially shows the standard columns that are displayed in the main view of Projects, along with all custom fields (if any). The Default report can be customized to show specific fields in a desired order and to filter fields for specific values. Customizations each user makes to the default view are saved for that user, and will be shown the next time that user views the Default report.

Click the Edit columns to see a list of standard and custom columns (if enabled). Use the checkboxes to select/deselect columns to display. Columns will display left to right in the order they are shown. Drag and drop a row to change its order. Click the Save Columns button to save your changes.

Reports can be filtered by any of the displayed fields. Click show filters to expose the filters section below the column headers. To filter the report for a specific field/column, select the operator (contains, equals, is between, etc.) and then the value for the filter. You can filter on multiple columns at once. Click the Apply Filters button to show the filtered results. These filters will stay in place until the next time you change/clear them. Click hide filters to hide the filters section below the column headers to make the report content easier to view.

You can save a customized view of the Default report as a separate report accessible by other members of your team. Customize the Default report for the columns and filters you want for the saved report. Enter the name for the Saved report in the Report name box and then click the Save As New Report button. The saved report will be displayed in the CUSTOM PROJECT REPORTS section of Reports. Reports saved from the All Workspaces view will be available in the All Workspaces view and for any individual workspace. Reports saved in a specific workspace will only be available for that workspace. This allows for custom reports to meet the needs of specific workspaces/clients. If you have made changes to columns or filters for a saved report and wish to replace the saved version with the current version, click the Save Changes button.

To rename a saved report, click the Custom reports section under the PROJECTS section in settings page for All Workspaces, mouse over the name of the report, and click the pencil icon to the right of the name. Make the change and press the Return key. You can also reorder saved reports on this settings page. Use the arrows to the left of the report names to drag and drop a report and change its order. To delete or disable (hide) a saved report, click the disable link to hide the report and enable to display the report. To delete, click the delete link and follow the instructions that appear.

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