Create Expense Reports

Workzone can provide reports of expenses accumulated by workspace, project, task and expense class for a given time period. To view an expense report, click Reports at the top and go to the section for EXPENSES.

NOTE: Contributor, Reviewer, and Partner users do not have access to Expense reports.

The initial view of the expense reports shows a summary total view. To show more detailed views, select the appropriate circles at the top of the report in the Show By row.
You can filter reports by a variety of fields by clicking the Filters button.
At the bottom of the Filters page, there is also a checkbox to Show budget/variance. This will compare the actual expense entries for a project to the budgeted expenses for the project (set up under the details page for a project).
Click the Show expense entries checkbox to list each individual expense entry in the report.
You will also see the actual and budgeted expenses for a project on the details page for the project (top right), accessed when you click on the name of the project in the Task List.
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