Add Time Using “My Timesheet”

Time tracking must enabled to use the My Timesheet report. To learn how, check out Enable Time Tracking.

Click the login profile (your name) at the top right of the page and then select My Timesheet (or from the Reports menu, under the “Time Tracking” section, click the My timesheet link).
The timesheet view shows tasks for which you are assigned responsible or have previously entered time during the selected time period. Time can be added/updated for lowest level tasks (those underlined) by clicking in the cell in the timesheet.
To add/edit multiple items at once, click the green Add Time button (which only appears in Week view) towards the top of the page. This enables a spreadsheet style, which allows you to enter time (in hours) in one or more cells, for one or more days. Click the Save button when you are finished, and the numbers will be recalculated.
When typing in a time entry, you can type a number followed by the word (spacing optional) hour, hours, or the letter h, or leave the number as is to record hours. Also, days and minutes can be specified by entering day, days, or the letter d (one day is eight hours), and minutes by entering minute, minutes, or the letter m, after the number (spacing optional).
If you would like to add comments to the time entry for a single task on a single day, click in the cell for a specific date. Click the name of the task to add/update hours for the task for any time period.
To show only tasks that already have time entries for the current time period, click the Hide tasks without time entries checkbox at the top left.
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