Let Clients View Partner Folders

By default, all Partner folders are hidden from Reviewer view. To make selected partner folders visible to Reviewers:

  • Select a workspace from the dropdown in the top left of the screen.
  • If it's not already displayed, click the Documents icon at the very top.
  • Click Partners in the left-hand menu to open the top level Partners folder.
  • From the 3 vertical dots, select Edit item.
  • Place a check-mark in the Visible to Reviewers box.
  • Click Save Changes.
The Partners folder color will change from gray (hidden from Reviewers) to yellow (visible to Reviewers). This will allow you to select folders for specific partner firms for Reviewer view.
To deny Reviewer viewing, simply follow the above procedure and click to remove the checkmark from the Visible to Reviewers box. The folder color will change from yellow to gray.
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