Add A New Markup Comment

To add a new markup comment click the 3 vertical dots ( ︙ ) to the right of a supported document in list view and choose Mark up image from the dropdown, or use the same named button at the top of a supported document's details page:

  • Click the Add Markup button at the top of the page and a red box will appear on the document in the top left corner.
  • Position the box around the area you wish to highlight for your comment:
    • Click and hold inside the box to position the box on the page.
    • Click and drag the edges of the box to resize it.
  • Add your comments:
    • Enter your comment in the text box.
  • You can use the checkbox labeled Manually notify/subscribe additional users to manually add and subscribe other users to the comment thread in the moment of commenting. To avoid sending an automatic comment to any already subscribed users, check the Don't send email notification for this comment checkbox. Click the Save button when you are finished.
Markup comments will also be recorded automatically in the overall comments area for the file, shown with “[Image Markup]” at the end of the comment to indicate its origin.
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