Document Comments

View Comments On A Document

Comment status can be seen from the document list view to the far right of the item's row. If there is a new comment that you haven’t seen, you will see a red comment bubble. If there are existing comments, all of which you have seen, you will see a gray bubble. Click the bubble to view the Comments section for the item.

Add A Comment To A Document

From the document list view, click on the 3 vertical dots ( ︙ ) to the right. Click View comments/details. Click in the Add a comment box and enter your new comment. If you'd like to send users notification of the comment you're adding, you can use the + icon to subscribe new users to any future comments on the current document. Alternatively, you can also Mention a User to send just the current comment. Click the  Send button to save your comment.  
Please note that once posted, comments cannot be edited and can be deleted only by an Administrator.

Delete A Comment On A Document

A user can delete their own comments, and an Administrator can delete comments made by any user. Click the x to the right of the comment you wish to delete. Click OK to confirm.
Even if a comment is deleted, a record of the comment remains in the system activity logs and can be accessed by an administrator on the Activity logs report under the USAGE section in the Reports area.
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