Add Time In The Projects Area

While the timesheet is the quickest way for an individual to enter the time they've worked, time can also be added from the main Projects view. This is helpful particularly if one user needs to add time worked by another user.

To add time to a task, click on the 3 vertical dots to the left of the task's name, choose Add time from the list of options, and enter the time and any comments on the resulting page (Manager and Administrator users will also have the option to assign the time to another user). Alternatively, you can choose the Start timer link above the time and comment entry area, and Workzone will keep a timer running at the bottom of the site until the Stop link in the timer has been clicked. The timer will continue counting even if you navigate away from the current page.

When typing in a time entry, you can type a number followed by the word (spacing optional) hour, hours, or the letter h, or leave the number as is to record hours.

Days and minutes can be specified by entering day, days, or the letter d, and minutes by entering min, minute, minutes, or the letter m, after the number (spacing optional).

Once time has been assigned to a task, an amount will appear under the TIME column. Click on the amount, and you will be taken to a detailed page with the individual time entries for that item.

The existing entries can be adjusted. Contributors, Reviewers and Partner users (when given permission) can add or adjust time to any tasks in projects they can access, but only for themselves; only Administrators and Managers can add or edit time for another user, as mentioned above.

Additionally, existing time entries can be relocated to another task altogether. Under the three vertical dots in the top right on the entry page, click the "Move all time entries to another task" option.

On the resulting page, select the appropriate workspace, project, and task, then click "OK" to confirm.

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