Add Tasks To An Existing Project

Add A Single Task To A Project

To quickly add a new task, click the 3 vertical dots to the left of the row you want the new task indented under. Click Add task. You can then enter the name and other details for the new task in each respective column.

Methods for adding several tasks

To add several new tasks to an existing project, in the main Projects area, click the checkbox to the left of the specific project or task row under which you want to insert the new tasks. Click the Add Task button at the top. A new overlay will appear with various options for adding tasks (described below). The new tasks will be indented underneath the task or project you specified.

There are five ways to add tasks to a project:
Lay out tasks in outline form — this is the default method and the one suggested for most new users
Choose your desired method, provide the indicated information, and then click the Add Tasks button at the bottom of the page.
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